If you have a vacant yard and wants to plant it with vegetation, it’s high time to plant trees and flowers in it. Not only the trees will clean the air, cool the streets or provide oxygen, it can also prevent erosion and invite wildlife. However, planting a tree is not easy. You have to employ the proper planting technique so the trees will grow normal and healthy.  

There are many things to consider like the climate, land and suitable plants in your area. According to tree service in Marietta GA, they have experiences in dealing different kinds of trees and in order to avoid problems in the future you should consider a lot of things when planting a tree.  

Step 1: Decide What to Plant 

The first thing to do is decide what to plant. Think about your goal, why do you want to plant a tree in the first place? Do you want to increase your home value? Do you want to add an aesthetic appeal to your landscape? Or do you simply enjoy seeing it grow. You need to identify your goal first to choose what kinds of trees to plant.  

Next thing to do is consider the climate of your location. Not every tree species can survive draught or winter. It’s important that the tree you’re going to plant can survive in your garden even under a harsh weather condition. After that, consider the type of land you’re in.  

Factors like drainage, slope and erosion can impact that growth of your tree. If you live in a hilly land, it might not be a good idea to plant trees because the roots won’t take proper hold. If you want to combat erosion, plant trees with a strong root ball. Decide on the kinds of trees that suit your land so it doesn’t only fit in your aesthetic goal but also grows in harmony with the other plants.  

Step 2: Prepare to Plant the Tree 

First step to do when preparing to plant the tree is to select the right time. When you plant the tree at the right time, it will give the tree a best chance at surviving and growing. It is advised to plant the tree during its dormant season or during the colder times of the year. Once the tree is purchased, prepare it for planting. Remember too that if you plant a tree from the seed, you won’t get the same kind of tree; you can just tell it once the tree starts to bear some fruits.  

Step 3: Plant the Tree 

The first stage will require you to mark the area where you want the tree to be planted. Consider the power lines, location of your driveway and your house so once the trees grow their roots won’t be damaged.  

Measure the plant’s root ball first before you dig the hole. This will indicate how deep you should dig. Once you’re determined the root ball, use a shovel to start preparing the hole. Make sure it’s large enough to accommodate the size of the tree. After that, gently place the plant into the hole. Position the tree then backfill the hole.